We have our own desing department and packaging development .

We have a highly qualified team to design the best image of its packaging or improve an existing image that will help our customers to have the best products on the market acceptance and growth in the commercialization of their products.

We have an extensive range of colors, good quality recording, continuous printing , cuatricomia printing , photo printing , degradation printing , synchronous printing. These prints offer their best colorful designs , with the best print at the best packaging.

We offer the best quality and latest technology with respect to printed packaging. We work with high-tech inks that support strong mechanical processes , high temperature changes, thermal shock, and management final product during distribution .

Our inks are characterized by excellent adhesion to packaging , keeping the colors intact . and an excellent presentation of the final packaging .

Transforming rolls casings in shirred presentations. This enables our customers work during the production period , obtaining savings of time and money in the process of elaboration of the final product.

Shirred come pre-hydrated with paraffin to a better performance in the sausage and prevent cracking of the plastic casing. However, is recommended material in water at room temperature not greater than 25 degrees for about 30 minutes so.

We can make shirred 30, 60, 80 to 120 meters, depending on the caliber or flat width.

We have variety of colors for this type of material.

With over 20 years of experience in the area, we have a highly qualified staff to advise you on all your packaging needs.

We have scheduled our customers to understand their needs, processes, and solve problems by providing the best ideas that can help save time and money on your packaging process visits.

We are in the ability to provide technical guidance, lectures, and conferences directly plant staff to get better results with our packaging materials.

We are in the best intention to test material with customers and teach them technically better handling package.

Our technical advice is from a small detail to a very complex problem, we are in the position to provide the best service with the best disposition.